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Network Guardian

MayerIT provides a proactive solution to network support by deploying agents to each of your network connected devices in order to keep them updated, patched and secured.

The Pieces         Involved


The Agent

The agent is what is installed on all network connected devices. It allows for remote access, monitoring, updating and security.

Help Desk (UNLIMITED Support)

The Help Desk manages all alerts and support issues that are sent remotely. They schedule on-site techs as needed.

On-Site Techs

On-Site Techs are deployed to handle specialized issues when there is no connectivity to devices or issues require on-site presence.


The Consultants are following up with techs and clients on open support issues, they are the project leaders and the executive contacts.

Unlimited Help Desk Support

What makes it UNLIMITED?

Bottom line, if it can be done remotely, it’s covered!!! Reactive support can come at ANY time, and we don’t want you limited… MayerIT wants your calls’ EVERYTIME. Under the UNLIMITED plan we will provide help desk and remote support resolutions during business hours of Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm at no additional charge. This allows us to utilize our ITIL process for root cause and fix problems not just symptoms. We will have a track record of every call and every resolution no matter how small or large and will repair issues proactively as they appear.

Client Testimonial

“At Suzanne Turner Associates we decided to have MayerIT manage or network with their Network Guardian system. We chose this system as it was costing us time and money for one of our employees to try and manage our offices IT services. MayerIT setup all our computers on the network and can monitor the status of all our equipment remotely. No longer do we have to worry about everyone’s system being up to date or running smoothly. Network Guardian has been a great asset.”

Nick Musso, Suzanne Turner Associates

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