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Firm History

MayerIT was founded in 1992 as a telecommunication consulting company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our rapid growth and success in gulf south Telco industry launched an expansion of our company to include IT consulting services in 1999.

Corporate Background

MayerIT is located in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We provide technology consulting and solutions for businesses. Since the beginning, MayerIT has committed themselves to becoming one of the most respected IT solutions companies in the private and public sector. First and foremost, we are consultants. Our approach begins by addressing our clients' business goals. Then, providing the appropriate technological solutions to meet their goals (not the other way around).

Our clients range from enterprise level (government, health, educational entities) to mid (established companies) and small (start-ups) level businesses.

Proven Track Record

Since the start, MayerIT has been a valuable partner to many Louisiana companies, and has exceeded expectations in performance and delivery. We have provided stellar technical resources, but have also provided multiple value added services to these organizations. MayerIT has vast experience with non-profits, enterprise-level systems and has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable consultant for its clients, preparing them for success and technical sustainability.


Brad Smith
President & CEO

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Chris Womack
Operations Management

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The Executive Team

The MayerIT Executive Team is made of active partners in the company. They are the most experienced and manage the staff and resources at MayerIT.

Want to Partner?

Contact Brad Smith if you are interested in partnering with MayerIT.

Working with Us

Every consulting effort will have a member of the Executive Team assigned. The Consulting Team will work directly with clients to achieve their goals and requirements (budget, time frame and scope).

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