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Hosted Phone System

The MayerIT Hosted VoIP Solution offers the latest in phone technologies on the Amazon secure platform in the cloud. With this solution, your data and voice is one step closer to being fully integrated with robust features such as call groups, ease of transfers, automated attendant, call forwarding, email integration, etc.

The Pieces         Involved


The Hosted Environment

The phone system is hosted in the cloud using the Amazon secure platform. This enables us to perform proactive maintenance remotely.​

Help Desk (UNLIMITED Support)

We implement Cisco IP Phones for all Managed Phone Systems. Fax and other analog devices are digitally converted using a device.​

The Phone System Equipment

The Help Desk can manage the phone configuration remotely and troubleshoot issues.​


The Consultants are following up with techs and clients on open support issues, they are the project leaders and the executive contacts.

The Phone

What is included?​


  • Unlimited Calling to the US, Canada, US Virgin Islands

  • Voicemail to email integration

  • 3-way conference calling

  • Caller ID

  • Customized automated attendants

  • Customized call queuing

  • Disaster Recovery options

Client Testimonial

“MayerIT has consistently assisted our firm with a variety of technological services, all of which we have been extremely pleased with. We continually utilize their services, and value their team as an asset to our daily functions.”


Tiffany Plunket, Office Manager,

The Balfour Emonet Law Firm

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